Hi, I'm En.
I'm a full-stack product designer,
climate activist, illustrator, community builder, and human-loving introvert.

My design practice is both data driven and human centric—  incorporating design thinking, user research, and product strategy with a persistent focus on the user.

These days, I'm freelancing after working at Mira Beauty for 3 years as the founding product designer.

While my focus has been consumer products, I've had the opportunity to work on everything from e-commerce platforms to internal tools and sass products and collaborate with companies like Visa, Adobe, All Day Kitchens and T-Mobile.

In my personal endeavors, I seek out ways to educate and advocate for climate justice at Climate Designers. I believe technology plays a crucial part in facilitating the social, cultural and political change that is necessary for solving the climate crisis. I'm interested in projects that directly tackle plastic waste, ocean conservation, and agricultural sustainability, but I'm mostly driven to make products that meaningfully improve peoples' lives and the health of our planet.